“There is only one thing stronger than all the armies of the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.”

-Victor Hugo

Hello. I'm Klaus Labecki, I help businesses and employees build benefitial relationships between them.

Hello, I am
Klaus Labecki and as an expert for Idea- and Innovation-Processes I am
convinced that the future of your company is already in the heads of your

I help to bring these ideas out of these brains into your company.

I am an experienced innovation andchange manager who bridges the gap between employees and business owners/managers to ensure both parties receive the right benefits to grow together. By establishing systems to foster innovation as a foundation for business improvement and growth, my work paves the way for increased employee loyalty and trust that is reinforced from the top down. 


I owe my current entrepreneurial success to my previous positions as a change manager, process specialist and project manager. During this time, I implemented many innovative concepts. This includes the successful development of an internal innovation management.


For more than 20 years, I worked for banks and international asset managers in Germany and abroad. During these crucial professional years, I acquired the relevant skills, competencies and knowledge that I need for my current job of helping companies to succeed.


As a former rescue diver, I needed to train my dedication, stamina and ability to remain calm under enormous pressure at a very early stage. These qualities are still the basis of my work today and they help me and thus my customers to get through even tricky phases of an innovation project well.

I am proud of the work I do every day and am grateful to be able to help companies achieve their goals for idea and innovation management that works.

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